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Tad November 27, 2003 04:59

transient simulation
Hi all

I am doing transient simulation. Primarily I did steady simulation so that the temperature is 286.15 K everywhere, later I run the transient simulation by restarting from converged simulation. Surprisingly near inlet the temperature rises even if I set a value of 286.15K for the first few timesteps. Is there any one who encounter the same puzzle?

Thanks Tad

Glenn Horrocks November 30, 2003 17:25

Re: transient simulation
Hi Tad,

It might be the temperature of the elements in an inlet or an opening. The temperature of these cells is set by the user, and might be different from the bulk temperature.

Otherwise, your solution might not be properly converged. You have not provided much detail so it is not possible to be specific.


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