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shhe December 30, 2003 09:08

Memory allocation problem

I am working with Cyclone separator simulation with CFX4.4. I have gotten results with k-epsilon. I want to use this results to work with particle tracking. I have modified all thing related to particles transport in command file. I have restarted from the dump file of k-epsilon. My problem related to memory allocation. The program is stopping in the first and say that insufficient memory allocation. I have tried to increase the memory allocation from (set limit) in options but the same message says that insufficient memory allocation. Can any one help me in this problem?

Mest regards


Glenn Horrocks January 4, 2004 18:10

Re: Memory allocation problem
Hi Shhe,

Keep increasing the memory allocation until you have allocated enough. Sounds like trial and error to me.


Jeff January 4, 2004 23:52

Re: Memory allocation problem
Examine your .fo file (near the error report or up in the command file replay). CFX-4.4 was pretty good about telling you how much memory was requested and how much was available (and thus how much more is needed) and whether it's REAL, INTEGER, or CHARACTER work space that it's asking for.

shhe January 5, 2004 03:06

Re: Memory allocation problem
Hi Jeff,

I know that I can see how much needed for REAL, INTEGER, or CHARACTER work space. I have tried to increase to the number requested but in the second run the program ask about new number more the first one.

Jeff January 7, 2004 00:00

Re: Memory allocation problem
Yes, well, CFX-4 was a bit annoying that way.....

It doesn't try and allocate everything that it needs all at once. As the problem is set up, it decides that it needs another chunk of memory. Once you've given it enough to satisfy that part of the setup, it tries to allocate another chunk and runs out again.

Keep at it. After 3 or 4 iterations, it'll finally be satisfied.

Don't give up!


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