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Beno December 31, 2003 08:19

CFX stops..

I have a problem with CFX I cant resolve. I am trying to simulate orifice plates. Geometry model is a tube with built in orifice plate. Before and after the palte there is a 8mm surface for measuring pressure. The problem is with the meshing. If the paramaters include inflated boundary, in the definiton-write stage CFX stops completely after surface or volume meshing. From that point it uses no processor power at all but the CFX logo in the upper right corner is red as it is busy. There is no error massage. I tried it on two stations and the result is the same. I even altered the geometry a little bit but no succes. It seems the program is in a cycle. Does anybody know what is this all about?

thnx for your help!


Jeff January 4, 2004 23:44

Re: CFX stops..
Sounds like you're using Build........

1) Did you assign inflation boundaries (i.e. to various walls?) with Create Inflation 2) Did you set the Inflation parameters with Set Inflation? Unphysical inflation thicknesses in corners can cause errors. 3) If you did 1 & 2, try not setting ALL walls as inflation boundaries, esp. one that intersect.


Bob January 5, 2004 11:09

Re: CFX stops..
Beno, did you define a subdomain for your plate ? ie was it a thin surface or did it have thickness ? I have experienced problems defining inflation layers on Thin surfaces (or any form of subdomain). The solution for this problem is to have inflation on all surfaces within the model.

Hope this helps Bob

Beno January 5, 2004 11:31

Re: CFX stops..
I didnt use thin surfaces. I actually think it has something to do with the program. In the journal file where the procedure of the definiton file is written the last thin is "completed volume meshing" or "completed surface meshing". And that is it. Meybe its a bug.

Thnx for your help!

Beno January 5, 2004 11:35

Re: CFX stops..
I used all these settings and it didnt help. Does version 5.5 hve problems using inflation?

thx for your help


Bob January 6, 2004 07:13

Re: CFX stops..
Hey Beno, have you tried inflation on just one surface ? Try swapping that surface around, does it make any difference to the meshing ? Are there any other messages in the PCL window at the bottom of the build view port ? This may be a case of passing it onto the support guys at CFX ? Bob

Beno January 6, 2004 17:48

Re: CFX stops..
I solved the problem. I installed version 5.5.1, and it worked fine. It seem that 5.5 really has problems with inflation. Tech support was my last chance.

Thx for your help!


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