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Pete January 2, 2004 00:14

Does inflotion layer necessary for Hex mesh?
Happy New Year, everyone.

I realise that there's a Hex mesh generator in ICEM CFD TO CFX. I have question about the Hex mesh.

Inflation layer is necessary to capture the boundary layer effect in the tet mesh. When Hex mesh is used, do we still need to create the inflation layer?

Why do we need to split the single block into multiblock topology? Any criteria to follow? I don't see any example in the user/help/tutorial manual. Anyone come across any good reference regarding this issue? Please kindly share with me.

Thanks for your comments here.

Glenn Horrocks January 4, 2004 18:04

Re: Does inflotion layer necessary for Hex mesh?
Hi Pete,

Question 1: No, a hex mesh does not need a inflation layer. However, it will need biasing so the mesh density is finer at the walls.

Question 2: I assume you are talking about ICEM hexa. I am not an expert in hexa, but you do not need to split the single block. If a single block describes your geometry adequately then there is no need to split it.


Derrek January 4, 2004 19:21

Re: Does inflotion layer necessary for Hex mesh?
Glenn is right, you don't have to split the blocks. But with the exception of very simple geometry (straight duct) you will find splitting the blocks gives you much more control of the mesh.

HEXA is extremely powerful, but requires some practice to get used to the methodology. Check the ICEM CFD ftp site for tutorials,

Pete, if you are interested in training for HEXA, feel free to contact me direct.


Derrek Mallett Technology, Inc. Philadelphia Office

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