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J.subramani January 3, 2004 02:24

turbulance model
hi cfd-friends,

i am doing my master's degree in Anna university-India,i have doubt in flow field, now i am doing in electrostatic precipitator(ESP) model study as well as ESP simulation study.

In the ESP there are three perforatated plates(ie. GD screens )are placed in the inlet of the ESP ,collecting plates are present with electrodes.In the model study ,it gives reynolds No.more than 4000 above,so the flow is turbulance(inner ducts & inside flow).In the flow model study i got design value(velocity 0.64 m/s )

Meshing is come under Overlapping meshing. i am chaotic with turbulance model study because what type of turbulance modell i should choose?

zero equation,K-e model ,free flow turbulance if you have any idea's about ESP turbulance model pls send your suggestions.

yours friendly, subramanij.

my mail ID.

Glenn Horrocks January 4, 2004 18:00

Re: turbulance model
Hi Subramanji,

It is unlikely anybody here is going to be a specialist in electrostatic precipitators! This means it is unlikely anybody here will be able to answer your question directly. Can I suggest firstly a detailed literature review, then you try the various turbulence models and determine for your self the best one. You always learn more when you do the comparison yourself.


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