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Christian Cordeiro January 12, 2004 11:58

Porous Media
Hi, I am working with CFX 5.6 and I want to simulate a bank of tubes using Porus Media and I have some questions about Porous Media x CFX: 1- Is necessary create a subdomain to define a region with Porous Media ? 2- If yes, Which Boundary Type do I must set (in,out,wall..) ? 3- How can I calculate the Porous coefficients in the CFX (I didnīt find sufficient informations) ?

Thank you

Forrest January 13, 2004 04:56

Re: Porous Media
Hi, Christian

There are some comments about porous media in CFX community site which might be helpful.

You probably need to set up a subdomain(s) to specify the resistances.

Regards Forrest

Jeff January 16, 2004 19:57

Re: Porous Media

Yes, you need a subdomain to apply the resistances. CFX-Pre will only give you a source term panel if a subdomain is defined for your porous media.

My personal thoughts on walls within a porous region, are that the pressure drop is pretty much accounted for by the resistance factors you are setting. Any additional boundary layer effects near the wall are either a) much smaller than the resistance effects or b) already included in your resistance factor. It doesn't seem right to let the code develop a wall profile, when in actuality the porous media would break this up anyway.

For resistances through all kinds of porous media (screens, tubes, plates), look in references by Idelchek and/or Blevins.


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