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Severo Neto January 16, 2004 13:14

Exporting shear stress data
I want to obtain the values for shear stress. Ive tried all available options of exporting data in the CFX Solver, with no success. There is another way to get this?

Thanks everybody.

Glenn Horrocks January 18, 2004 17:20

Re: Exporting shear stress data
Hi Severo,

I you are looking for the wall shear stress there is a variable for that. Exporting wall shear stress should be easy. I have just noticed (to my surprise) that there is no preset variable for the full 3D shear stress field. It looks like in this case you will have to create the variable. Create an expression in Post to evaluate it from the velocity gradient.


Drona February 4, 2004 07:11

Re: Exporting shear stress data
Is velocity gradient availabe as a solved variable? Under what name?


Glenn Horrocks February 4, 2004 19:54

Re: Exporting shear stress data
Hi Drona,

It is accessible in CFX-Post. Press the "..." button next to the variable selector.


Drona February 5, 2004 10:47

Re: Exporting shear stress data

Thanks. So the shear stress for a turbulent flow is:

Tau (x,y,z) = Turbulent/effective viscosity * Velocity gradient(x,y,z) ????


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