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Jens January 27, 2004 06:43

CFX5.6 and Itanium2

Have anyone tested this combination ?

How good is the performance compared to normal PC better/worst ???



Jeff January 27, 2004 21:29

Re: CFX5.6 and Itanium2
There's an itanium 2?

Running 5.6 on an Itanium cluster (linux). It positively screams! It's just a trick keeping the thing up and running (but this is a linux issue)

Can't give you an exact benchmark (yet) but we're looking at a 2-3x speedup over the Dec Alpha which is 2-3x faster than a 300Mhz R12K (SGI). I haven't benched it against a plain old Pentium IV.

Hope this helps.

Debby January 28, 2004 06:59

Re: CFX5.6 and Itanium2
You should'nt be looking for a speed boost alone when moving from a 32-bit(xeon/pentium) to a 64-bit(I2) platform as it is not worth the investment you make. The primary advantage is that you can now solve problems which require more than 4GBRAM upto (2^64Bit RAM!),ie very large mesh sizes. For a given case the I2 solves about 30% faster than the latest xeon chip

bye, Debby

henry January 29, 2004 09:45

Re: CFX5.6 and Itanium2
From my experience the itanium performance is pathethic

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