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Ogbeni January 28, 2004 03:59

CFX5 on Redhat Linux 7.3
Hello, I am just running CFX5 on a Pentium 4 Machine with 3.7Gb of Ram, while doing a simulation, I got an error message that there is not enough memory to continue, this happened at slightly over 2.1 Gb, I wonder if any one is using Redhat Linux 7.3, and could tell me of any switches and or kernels that could take advantage of this memory. Thanks

an January 30, 2004 03:21

Re: CFX5 on Redhat Linux 7.3
I hope you have a 32-bit machine. If thats the case you will only be able to utilize 2gb of your RAM. SO there are no issues with the Operating system

Yves January 30, 2004 05:59

Re: CFX5 on Redhat Linux 7.3
The limit of 32-bit is 4GB (2 to the power 32). But with some additional tricks more is possible.

Jarmo Korpijärvi February 5, 2004 08:15

Re: CFX5 on Redhat Linux 7.3
From waht I understand (according to CFX) it is pretty useless to have 4.7 Gb of memory on a Windows machine running the CFX solver. Due to the limitations of the OS the maximum size of any given process in Windows is approx. 2 Gb. Having twice the amount of virtual memory (in Ogbeni's case 8 GB!) MAY help, but there may still be problems.

In Unix/Linux these limitations don't exist and we have been running CFX-solver in RedHat 7.3 (2.5 Gb ram) successfully. It is very seldom that you have to fiddle with memory factors in Linux. The memory handling is so much better than in Windows.

The full article about this issue can be found on the CFX community pages, CFX-5 under FAQ.

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