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bogesz January 28, 2004 05:58

monitorpoint in 5.6

Does anyone know how should I define monitor points in 5.6? according to the manual the mon.point definition window should look like this but in my Pre it looks like that . The boxes for the point coordinates are dead - impossible to enter values

Is it possible to define mon. point via editing the def file (in the solver man. or exporting the ccl and editing it)?

Should I ask for some kind of new patch?

I've already installed several patches, including Pre patch 200307081045

Juan Carlos January 28, 2004 12:45

Re: monitorpoint in 5.6
You can add them at runtime from the command line as well.. The section of CCL you require follows:





Option = Cartesian Coordinates

Domain Name = <your domain>

Coord Frame = Coord 0

X = ??? [m]

Y = ??? [m]

Z = ??? [m]

Output Variables List = Velocity, Temperature





For multiple monitor point locations, just copy the MONITOR POINT section, rename and modify as needed..

You can start the run as:

cfx5solve -def your_file.def -ccl file_with_ccl_above


cfx5cmds -def your_file.def -text your_file.ccl -read

add the CCL section above to your_file.ccl and remerge (using -write this time).. And run it as usual from the Solver Manager..

I hope this helps,

Juan Carlos

bogesz January 28, 2004 12:55

Re: monitorpoint in 5.6
Thanks very much. This will be very useful. bogesz

Peter January 29, 2004 08:22

Re: monitorpoint in 5.6
Hi I know more easy manner. You have to switch on expression and write something (i.e. bleble) and then close window. At next opening window you have active boxes. good luck

bogesz January 29, 2004 08:38

Re: monitorpoint in 5.6
Thanks, it's working! bog.

Jim January 29, 2004 17:25

Re: monitorpoint in 5.6
This may be a bug of CFX5.6 because I had the same problem. You can just add a new monitorpoint, then delete the old one. Everything will be ok.

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