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M. Amin February 8, 2004 14:53

which one? FLUENT, Star-CD or CFX?

I have some experience in FLUENT. Can somebody compare the capabilities of CFX or Star-CD with FLUENT? For example:

- The advantages and disadvantages of each one? - Which one is more user-friendly? - Which areas of fluid mechanics and heat transfer, each of them is strong in? - Do they have a good pre and post processor? - Do they have good support team? - Their User-Defined-Functions

Thank you, Mazyar

Neale February 13, 2004 00:48

Re: which one? FLUENT, Star-CD or CFX?
This issue has been beaten to death many times on this forumn. I suggest that you carefully look through each vendor's website, ask your friends and/or colleagues and then maybe consider doing a trial with each vendor for your particular problem to see for yourself.


Amit Katiyar February 14, 2004 01:21

re:which one? FLUENT, Star-CD or CFX?
hi Neale,

Since last one year I am using Fluent and CFX softwares and do not have deep faith in both of two. But one point can be concluded by this work experience that Fluent provides an easier way of solving the problem. In CFX one gets more variety options but u get it at cost of lots of complexity in using it. Ultimately this very much depends on the problem you r solving.



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