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Dougal McQueen February 10, 2004 06:54

output point values in CFX4
Hi, I am wanting to output the values of variables from specific points inside my domain without having to postprocess a dump file or anything. I presume there are two ways: 1) write to the output file using usrprt and the utility routine wrtpln, however this seems to be able to only print out the results for an entire plane. 2) output to the dump file, however I presume that this also is only able to output planes etc..

What I would like to be able to do is not produce a dump file (disk space, I have hundreds of runs to do), and produce only a data file with variables printed at the points I specify.

Any ideas.

Many thanks in advance


Jeff February 14, 2004 00:55

Re: output point values in CFX4

Just create a monitor point in the command language. This can be done under the >>OUTPUT OPTIONS, there are various examples in the manual. You can specify the IJK position in a block or the physical XYZ location and all the variables to output at that location and how often.


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