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shhe February 13, 2004 02:39

CFX 5.6 mesh build
Hello users

I am a new usre for CFX 5.6. I have worked for two years with CFX 4.4. I have problem in rotating object in mesh build. I have known that in CFX 4.4 I have to create groups and tanslate or rotate this group about pivoting point with any degree. I want to know how can I make these procedure in CFX 5.6. Foe example, I want to create a tilted pipe. I have created a cyclinder surface from two curves. How can I rotate this surface?

best regards

test February 13, 2004 05:27

Re: CFX 5.6 mesh build

You can import your mesh in Pre and transform the mesh as you wish. Go through the help manuals which should explain to you as to how you can do this. Search for emsh transformation in the help section

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