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CFDflying February 14, 2004 06:36

thermal phase change question
Hi,all friends. I try to model a thermal phase change project. Some subcooling water is injected into the pipe and meet the hot gas(c3h8) in the pipe. A part of water is boiling to be vapour. I try to model it with cfx5.6, but when I select the thermal phase change, the solver will overflow. I have check the transient result, all the water is evaporated, even near the water inlet. It is not reasonable. And I make a test model there is only water and vapour, the result is same.

I have no idea about it. Could you give some advice? Or send me a simple example about thermal phase change model. Thanks.

Andrey February 18, 2004 05:10

Re: thermal phase change question
I have same task. Water injected into column for cooling hot humid air. I use multicomponent (humid air = air + vapour) multiphase (humid air + water) simulation. The mass evaporated water I define with CEL expressions and use SUBDOMAIN to set mass and energy source and sink.

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