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Bob February 14, 2004 22:46

Fantom element
Good day to everyone!

At the very beginning of solving in CFX 5.6, it generated the message (cited below) referring to the zero-volume element. BUT! 1)There nothing at all in the model at those coordinates. 2)The HEX element of the referred No. is 15 mm apart from the referred coords. and it is perfectly OK. Anybody would know what does it mean and how to fix?

Thank you


ERROR #002100010 has occurred in subroutine cVolSec. One of the sector volumes of an element is equal to or less than zero. It means that there exists an illegal mesh, execution will be stopped immediately. The element sequential number is: 4 The element label is: 4 The sector volume is: -0.2777E-11 The location (x,y,z): 0.32849E-02 0.72707E-02 0.31768E-01 |

Glenn Horrocks February 15, 2004 17:53

Re: Fantom element
Hi Bob,

Are you using moving mesh? This is a common error with moving mesh simulations.


Bob February 16, 2004 00:31

Re: Fantom element
Hi, Glenn, thanks for your quick response!

Yes, this is a rotating ref.frame (the default one). (The inlet BC is stationary, with radius-depended theta-component of inlet velocity.)

deLuther February 16, 2004 01:03

Re: Fantom element
I got such error when I worked with mesh imported from ICEM CFD(double precision output file produced same result). I only solved that problem by correcting the mesh(in ICEM everything was OK). (my application is turbomachinery)

Glenn Horrocks February 16, 2004 17:24

Re: Fantom element
Hi Bob and deLuther,

Bob, the feature I was referring to is the moving mesh feature where you can specify arbitrary mesh motions. You mention you are using multiple frames of reference, which is a different thing.

deLuther, what did you find was actually the problem? What did you do to your mesh to fix it?

Regards, Glenn

deLuther February 17, 2004 01:04

Re: Fantom element
Hi, Glen, I fixed my mesh by correcting mesh sizes and angles, which has been corrected by moving vertices of blocks. But initial mesh was OK in ICEM, but don`t loaded well in CFX-Pre. Problem was in relatively thin elements coupled with relatively sharp angles.

Regards, deLuther

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