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helen February 17, 2004 05:01

fatal error
Hi, Im new to CFX so dont know all that much about meshing yet. I've generated a solid using data from a laser scanner, but keep getting the fatal error: "Unable to match triangles across branch out" when creating the surface mesh. Is this a problem with the geometry or can it be solved by changing mesh parameters/controls? hope someone can help!

thanks, helen

Bob February 19, 2004 13:20

Re: fatal error
Hi Helen, are you importing the "solid" into the ICEM4CFD program or are you trying to use build to generate the mesh ? What file type are you trying to import?Which version of CFX are you using ? The more information you provide the better the help people can give you ? Bob

helen February 19, 2004 13:43

Re: fatal error
I'm importing a solid iges file (looks like a pipe with a bulge in it leading into a y-bend) into CFX5.6 and trying to mesh it there(after edge-matching the surfaces around the bifurcation region and making a b-rep). It is then that Im getting the previously mentioned error. I have also tried importing it as a parasolid to ICEM4CFD (without much luck) and importing an stl mesh directly, but have been unable to import the stl mesh (being asked to open some type of .uns file?)

Hope someone can help - project deadline is next week!


Johnson February 20, 2004 11:26

Re: fatal error
Hi Helen

I've seen this error once before in Build, and it happened trying to mesh some small closed cylindrical surfaces in the model. I think we found that the problem was tolerance related, either in the geometry, or in the mesh settings.

My advice would be to:

- try reducing the mesh length scale in the regions where you're getting the problem (should be easy to identify from the error messages).

- check that the model tolerance you're using is appropriate for the geometry (smaller than 1/10 th of your smallest edge length).

Hope this helps,


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