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Ahmed March 4, 2004 12:04

IcemCFD 4CFX-How to fix domain
Hi all,

I am using IcemCFD 4.CFX to create mesh of my CAD geometry. Due to the complexity of this geometry I was almost unsuccessful using CFX-Build. With IcemCFD 4 CFX, the mesh generation worked very good. I imported this geometry to CFX-Pre but the domains are not the same as I wanted. I mean, the geometry looks the same. But I want to have a domain and a sub-domain. But the automatically created (created by IcemCFD 4 CFX) domains are much different from the one I want. I am a new user in IcemCFD 4 CFX. I have experience in IcemCFD. I want to know how to define domains in IcemCFD 4 CFX. In CFX-Build, we create solids (B-rep for example) by selecting surfaces and then give identity to this solids in the domain region. When this geometry is imported in Pre, it works very good. Can someone tell me how it can be done in IcemCFD 4 CFX. I mean, the sequence followed in CFX-Build, how is it done in IemCFD 4 CFX. Thanks in advance.


nic March 4, 2004 16:29

Re: IcemCFD 4CFX-How to fix domain
Solids should be automatically built when u import your geometry u have to make sure that you have a defined a material point. Check the tutorials

derrek March 4, 2004 18:13

Re: IcemCFD 4CFX-How to fix domain
I think you want to define more than one material point to specify the different domains.


Glenn Horrocks March 6, 2004 01:13

Re: IcemCFD 4CFX-How to fix domain
Alternatively you can change the family of the volume elements after meshing to generate the seperate mesh regions. All depends on what you are trying to do.


deLuther March 6, 2004 16:34

Re: IcemCFD 4CFX-How to fix domain
Maybe if you have several(two or more) different materials you must perform floodfill operation. In my case if I create two materials, every time I get mesh covered entire regions, but only for one material. After performing floodfill elements was divided into different families according to material points like I manually assign elements to families.

Oliver March 8, 2004 23:00

Re: IcemCFD 4CFX-How to fix domain
The current version of ICEMCFD 4 CFX is no better than CFX build for its tet mesh generation. ICEM can create and clean the topology of the complex geometry in a short time, which is excellent.

However, it does have some serious bugs on the surface mesh generator. If your elements is larger than one of your small surface which has high curvature, then you will most likely get some convergence problems when solving it in CFX.

I hope the new version will improve this very soon.

Ta, Oliver

Glenn Horrocks March 9, 2004 19:38

Re: IcemCFD 4CFX-How to fix domain
Hi Oliver,

I agree the ICEM CFD 4CFX is strong in taking dirty CAD models and generating good meshes from them.

I can't see how the ICEM surface mesh generator is a problem. If the surface mesh has an element which sticks out and does not blend with the surrounding elements the solver will have convergence problems regardless of what the source of the mesh is. Sounds like you need to look at the way you are specifying and generating your meshes.

Regards, Glenn

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