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Liwau March 7, 2004 21:56

Static Pressure & Hydrostatic Pressure
Dear all,

What's the difference between Static (Thermodynamic) Pressure and Hydrostatic Pressure? Any example or some equations to show the difference?

Your any answer will be highly appreciated.


Vistor March 9, 2004 04:17

Re: Static Pressure & Hydrostatic Pressure
Helloo,, I'm not an experince person, however I think the hydrostatic pressure is related to stationary liduid whereas the static is dealing with gases in closed container. I may be wrong! Let's hear from the rest

Glenn Horrocks March 9, 2004 19:05

Re: Static Pressure & Hydrostatic Pressure
Hi Liwau,

Static pressure is the pressure of the fluid at that point. Total pressure is static pressure plus the dynamic head (0.5*density*V^2), and represents the static pressure which would result if a moving fluid was brought to rest with no losses - the pressure would increase due to Bernoulli. Hydrostatic pressure is the pressure in a fluid due to the weight of fluid above it, for instance air pressure is a result of the weight of air in the atmosphere above you.

In CFX, static and total pressures are available in CFX-Post. Hydrostatic pressure is only applicable when you have defined a gravity vector, and this is usually for a natural convection simulation.

Regards, Glenn

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