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Jane March 14, 2004 19:55

CFX & Gridgen user. Please help
Hello guys,

I'm CFX5.6 & GridgenV15.2 user.

I created a hex mesh in Gridgen and then imported it to CFX. When I created a center plane in XZ direction and then looked at the mesh in CFX-Post, I found some misalignment between the mesh lines and some lines came out of nowhere. The solver failed to the problem as well. I'm quite confident that the other conditions that I set are physically sound. So I think it must be the mesh that caused the problem. I'm confused if this is a problem in Gridgen or CFX. I can't see the misalignment in Gridgen. Infact, the quality looked very okay in Gridgen.

Does anyone has the similar problem before? Please kindly advise me. Thank you.

deLuther March 15, 2004 01:17

Re: CFX & Gridgen user. Please help
Hello Jane, Maybe you have elements with negative volume?

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