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Tudor Miron March 16, 2004 18:28

Symmetry Plane boundary conditions
Should I use Symmetry condition for my SimP or better make it - wall - free slip? Also what is better for "ground plane"? I use make it free slip - wall but may be I should make it wall moving at same speed as "Inlet"? As in reality gound plane under race car is moving with about same speed as oncoming air....

Thank you Ted

Neale March 17, 2004 01:12

Re: Symmetry Plane boundary conditions
Symmetry is the better condition to use when you are running say 1/2 of the car. Use symmetry on the slice plane through the car.

You are correct about the ground. There should be a minimal boundary layer coming up to the car. You can use a moving no-slip wall to simulate it.


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