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Ahmed March 17, 2004 09:51

run Build Topology in IcemCFD 4 CFX

I am working with IcemCFD 4 CFX. When I tried to create the body of my geometry by selecting the surfaces, the program says

Error: Please run build topology first

There is nothing really helpful in the tutorials of IcemCFD 4 CFX. Anyone know what it is? Thanks in advance.

Martijn March 17, 2004 13:34

Re: run Build Topology in IcemCFD 4 CFX

Select the Geometry Tab and than Repair Geometry In the Repair geometry menu you will see a magnifying glass with the text "Topology" above it. Select this button and press apply and your topology will be created. When this is done you should be able to create a body

I hope I have helped you

Glenn Horrocks March 17, 2004 17:19

Re: run Build Topology in IcemCFD 4 CFX
Hi Ahmed and Martijn,

Alternately you could set a material point inside your body and mesh it from there. I prefer using the material point method myself.


Jeff March 19, 2004 17:59

Re: run Build Topology in IcemCFD 4 CFX
The problem is, however, that building the topology under Repair Geometry serves a crucial function. It puts explicit curves at the intersections of all faces. The mesh then aligns to these curves.

If you don't use this step, you may see elements that don't quite come all the way to the edges of your geometry.


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