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Barbaros March 22, 2004 18:19

Hi, I have a problem plotting the Yplus value. I know that it can be seen only on walls. While I am setting up the problem, I didn't select all the surfaces as a wall. It's just a simple duct flow. I used k-e turbulence model. Is there anything I should select during Pre? Thanks...

deLuther March 23, 2004 05:14

Re: Yplus
Default region =wall(in Post). CFX-Pre automaticaly moves 2d regions without any BC assigments to default region and treat them as walls. So you usualy will have one default region per domain.

Barbaros March 23, 2004 09:50

Re: Yplus
I do not have any region. There is no "default region" in the object selector in Post. The only default thing is default domain and legend. Even if I cut the volume with any type of plane and plot the yplus values, I saw 0 all over the wall. I also can not get any result for wall shear stress. It is also all zero.

Barbaros March 23, 2004 12:05

Re: Yplus
I found it. I was using interfaces between different solids to make the mesh sizes different. So I didn't defined any wall surfaces. If you do not define any wall surfaces then CFX does not compute Yplus values for default walls.

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