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bogesz April 1, 2004 14:43

CAD2Mesh infl. exp factor
Hi all,

I just started to work (no, play...) with CAD2Mesh 2.1 and the tutorials...

In the CFX-Mesh module I cannot change the inflation expansion factor - I click on it, change the value and it always switches back to the default 1.3 (though the tutorial says "change it!")

So far it seems like the other parameter can be changed, except this one

Is it a bug, or what?

Any ideas? any ideas to change the exp. factor?

many thanks


bogesz April 2, 2004 03:59

Re: CAD2Mesh infl. exp factor
Not only the inflation expansion factor is "un-modifiable" but the expansion factor of Point Spacing at Controls

Has anyone had the same problem?


Glenn Horrocks April 4, 2004 18:50

Re: CAD2Mesh infl. exp factor
Hi bogesz,

The new CFX-Mesh software has not yet been seen out here in the colonies (that is, Australia). My CFX rep assures me it should be turning up this week.

I think you will find that CFX-Mesh is new for all of us, and as it is new software it may have some bugs to be sorted out. If you find bugs report them to your CFX rep.

Regards, Glenn

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