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Nessan April 13, 2004 20:02

Export data from several .res files
Hello, friends,

Someone asked a question about making animation from several .res files. My question is how to export the data from several files. I mean how to export pressure and velocity, for example, on a line from several .res or .trn files. I tried using scripts but it did not export any data at all. I used Batch mode CFX-Post.

Anybody has experience on that, please give me some hints.



Gloria Gaynor April 14, 2004 09:12

Re: Export data from several .res files
If you use Unix(linux,solaris,etc...) and you know a little of csh or sh scripting this can be done very easily. Then you'll combine an unix script with the batch file of post to get your files.

Robin April 14, 2004 12:56

Re: Export data from several .res files

-Launch Post. -Create a new session file and begin recording. -Open one of your res files. -Create the line object to export data on. -Export the data you want on the line. -Stop recording the session file.

Now, open the session file in a text editor. All your actions and relevent objects will be in that session file. Put a Perl loop around the whole thing and you can load multiple files, writing a new export for each.

For more information on Perl, go to

Regards, Robin

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