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Nessan April 20, 2004 11:58

Solid-Solid Momentum Transfer
Hello, friends,

For Particle Model of Euler-Euler non-Homogeneous model in CFX-5.6, the momentum transfer between solid-solid due to friction and shearing (solid-solid) is ignored. The solid stress tensor is also ignored. The only mechanism leading to momentum transfer between solid and solid particles is due to solid pressure. However, viscosity of solid particle has to be assigned in the material property panel. Anybody can tell more about how the solid viscosity is used in the code? Definitely, it is not used to calcualte the mixture viscosity as in Mixture model. However, I found that if I assigned a viscosity of 1000 [kg m^-1 s^-1] for solid particle, the pressure will blow out, to the magnitude of 10^10. I can not figure out why? Is this related to the compressiblity of the water if I use water as continuous fluid phase and sand as dispersed solid phase?



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