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Meri May 5, 2004 13:07

External Flow Pressure
Hello All, I am making a model of external flow over a wing. I am interested as part of my simulation on the pressure on the exterior of the wing. I set the reference pressure at inlet to 1e05 pa. and at the outlet to 0.0 Would this be the correct way to ensure I get correct pressure on the wing ? or am I missing something. I need help here from any one with experience or knowledge. Thanks

Glenn Horrocks May 5, 2004 18:40

Re: External Flow Pressure
Hi Meriba,

Set the reference pressure as the approximate average absolute pressure in the simulation. If pressures do not deviate much from atmospheric then you can you 101.3kPa for the reference pressure.

For aerofoil simulations generally you are trying to find the drag and lift at a given velocity. The best way to set this up is to set the inlet as an inlet with the velocity specified, and the exit as an outlet with zero relative pressure.

Regards, Glenn

Meri May 6, 2004 10:36

Re: External Flow Pressure
Glenn, Thanks for the clarifications. Cheers. Meri

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