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Yuqing Feng May 5, 2004 23:39

User subroutine problem
I am trying to add source term to my case by user subroutines. While I am testing the User Function Examples 2, User_source2.F (page 15), I got the following warning message:

cfx5mkext User_Source2.F

CFX-5.6 (C) 1996-2003 CFX Limited. All rights reserved. /usr/bin/f77 -fpic -I/usr7/CFX5.6/include/5.6 -o osf//User_Source2.o -c User_Source2.F /usr/bin/f77 -shared -all -o ./osf// osf//User_Source2.o ld: Warning: Unresolved: set_a_0_ user_getvar_ message_

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