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hannah May 11, 2004 11:08

CAD2Mesh geometry creation
Hi, friends,

Starting to transfer from CFX build to CAD2Mesh, I feel not easy to create a geometry I want. For a relatively simply geometry, no problem! However, for a variable cross section duct(round or square), and there are some turning vanes inside, is there any experience I can get from you?

Thanks in advance!


Glenn Horrocks May 11, 2004 18:29

Re: CAD2Mesh geometry creation
Hi Hannah,

CAD2Mesh has two options.

ICEM CFD 4.CFX is based on the ICEM meshing technology, and as you say, is not very strong on solid modelling. It is, however, very good for meshing geometries imported from other CAD or solid modelling packages. If you have your geometry in UG, ProE, Solidworks or some other package and you import into CFX then ICEM CFD 4.CFX is a good choice.

DesignModeller and CFX-Mesh is based on the ANSYS workbench. If you need to do some solid modelling then this is the pathway to choose. CFX-Mesh is the same mesher as used in CFX-Build just ported across to the ANSYS workbench, so if you are familiar with CFX-Build then this could be a good choice as you will be familiar with many of the meshing options.

As with any new package it will take a while to get used to it no matter what option you choose. Do the tutorials and attend some training and that should ease the transition.

Regards, Glenn

hannah May 12, 2004 09:07

Re: CAD2Mesh geometry creation
Hi, Glenn, thanks for your reply. Yes, I am working on the tutorials right now, still feel the examples are not enough for my cases. I handle so many cases which are the ducts with turning vane inside. So in the model thin surface is definitely needed. Hovever DM seems not easy to do this, right?


Jon May 13, 2004 10:44

Re: CAD2Mesh geometry creation
To create a thin surface, create a solid body and then use the Thin Surface option to keep the (thin) surface that you require.

DM is different than Build and therefore can be hard to start after Build, but I promise that you will soon find it very good and much more powerful and easy to create complex gometry than Build :o)

hannah May 17, 2004 12:17

Re: CAD2Mesh geometry creation
Thanks Jon, I will take some time and try it.


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