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pi May 11, 2004 13:00

Insuficient catalogue size
Hello everybody,

Iīve ask this question before but nobody answered. Please, if someone got this problem before answer this message. +--------------------------------------------------------------------+ | | | *** INSUFFICIENT CATALOGUE SIZE *** | | | | Action required : Increase the file catalogue size. | | | | If the situation persists please contact the CFX Customer Helpline | | giving the following details:- | | | | Current catalogue size: 37518 | | | +--------------------------------------------------------------------+

It is shown after a few iterations in a multiphase run with 800000 elements. What do I have to do to increase the catalogue size? and what is this?. In the CFX manuals donīt say a word of it.

Thanks in advance for your help


Johnson May 12, 2004 08:51

Re: Insuficient catalogue size

Try extending the catalogue size by adding the following parameter to the SOLVER CONTROL section of the CCL:

Catalogue Size Multiplier = x

where x is some value (e.g. 1.4) to multiply the default catalogue size.


pi May 13, 2004 10:24

Re: Insuficient catalogue size
Hi Johnson,

right after to post the message I took a glance to the old messages and I found the answer to my question. Itīs just the same that yours. There is no information about this in the manuals.

thanks anyway


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