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Andrea May 12, 2004 06:56

Background fluid
Is possible set two different background fluid in the same simulation but in two different isolated block?

Thanks in advance


test May 12, 2004 07:57

Re: Background fluid
If you are using CFX-5.6 you have to use a workaround. In CFX-5.7 you can create different domains with different fluid and different models too!

In CFX-5.6, define a multi-component mixture of the two fluid u want to define.

Use this multi-component fluid for both the domains. Only things u need to take care is boundary and initial conidition.

Use a step or subdomain function to make sure that particluar domain contains only that fluid. IN the boundary conditions (mainly inlet) make sure u specify the mass fraction of 1 for the appropriate fluid.

Let me know if u need further assistance.

Andrea May 12, 2004 08:09

Re: Background fluid
I'm a Cfx 4.4 user...

Andrea May 12, 2004 11:59

Re: Background fluid
In Cfx 4.4 I think I must define a multicomponent mixture.

The problem is that in the two different domain I have two different mixture.

So can I set my multicomponent mixture and "separate" the fluid. But I need have two different group of properties (viscosity, Cp...) for the two background fluid. I must set this properties by user fortran?



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