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sam May 12, 2004 08:44

cfd information
Dear all of u, I want to buy a cfd software but i don't which one is the most appropriate. Could u tell me the name of some and give the advantage and the inconvenient. I thank u bye advance for ure time and consideration and hope to have some answer. Sam

Anne May 12, 2004 13:01

Re: cfd information
Dear Sam, Welcome to the intricate (juicy?) world of CFD. You may be aware of the fact that this is a CFX forum and the majority of the readers are those who have chosen to use the CFX code. Most of us may tell you just what CFX can do for us, ie the advantages. The choice of the code to use depends on the type of the problem you want to solve. However, in principle these codes re general purpose and have a very wide range of application. regards anne

helper May 12, 2004 19:26

Re: cfd information
Buy Swift. The best I think.

Jeff May 23, 2004 00:53

Re: cfd information
CFD code comparison really enters the realm of religion rather than science. If you really want to be successful, attend a few training classes from the major vendors and try the codes out. Then make sure you have the time to really excercise the code you pick to become proficient at it. IMHO


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