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Andrea May 14, 2004 05:42

Parrallel solver
I'm a Cfx 4.4 user. How can I know if my software allow parrallel solver?

Where can I find more documentation about parralel solver?



Glenn Horrocks May 16, 2004 18:36

Re: Parrallel solver
Hi Andrea,

Yes CFX4.4 has a parallel option. It is descibed in the documentation, or contact your local representative.

Regards, Glenn

Jeff May 23, 2004 00:49

Re: Parrallel solver
Look at your license file and see if you have something called, I think, CFX4_PARALLEL (or something like that). The number of these licenses indicates how many CPU's you can use in parallel. The parallel option is an additional item which you would have to have requested and purchased. If you don't have it, you can only run serial.


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