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pi May 14, 2004 14:31

CAD2mesh spacings
Hi again,

this is related to CAD2mesh. I import with no many problems most of my old Build geometries to DM. Ok so far. But when I really find problems is in the meshing. When one tries to set face spacing to the A surface for example, firstly I must set the same type of spacing that the general surface spacing (itīs to say ,if I set angular resolution in general I canīt set constant in that specific A face, is it right?) and secondly, very often NaN are shown in the min and/or max spacing boxes. For example if I set a 5 mm face spacing, inmediately, as soon as I click the mouse, a NaN in the same box is shown while in the status bar is clearly stated that "the allowed range is between 1e-37<=x<=NaN" and "you can find online help in troubleshooting" . Both the former and the latter are false because x=5 and Iīve been unable to find any item related to it, wherever online or in the tutorials I look for.

Sorry for this long message. Please let me know if any of you are having (or had) the same kind of problems.

Thank you in advance for your help,


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