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San Chang May 14, 2004 19:06

Has anyone done any radiation modelling (Monte Carlo Spectral Model)? I could not find any tutorial or an example about it?

I tried it and got this error message. Do you know what it means? Thank you very much. ================================================== === **** Error in subroutine GETDAT ***** Name of data area requested = XABS Size of data area requested = 17005 Size of data area obtained = 68020

+---------------------------------------------------+ | ERROR #001100279 has occurred in subroutine ErrAction. | | Message: | | Stopped in routine GETDAT ================================================== ====

Juan Carlos May 14, 2004 22:15

Re: Radiation
Dear San,

You are solving a spectral radiation calculation with multiple domains. It seems that the spectral models on both sides of the domain interface are not the same, ie. one side has more spectral bands than the other. For example, Spectral Model Option = Gray on the fluid side and Spectral Model Option = Multiband on the solid side.

Usually CFX-Pre copies the spectral model of one domain to other fluid domain connected by a domain interface. However, it does not seem to do so for solid domains.

For more help on spectral radiation calculations, I advice you to contact your local representative.

Regards, Juan Carlos

San Chang May 15, 2004 21:57

Re: Radiation
Juan, Thank you very much! You are right. I made a change and now it is working fine. One more question, I am modeling radiation in vacuum. I belive there is no vacuum in CFD. The vacuum is just a fluid domain with air with very low density and very low pressure. But, I could not set its absorptivity to 0 (It seems CFX does not allow zero absorptivity). Do you have idea the smallest absorptivity value I can set? Thanks!

Regards, San

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