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praveen rajaperumal May 15, 2004 13:25

quadratic resistance co-efficient
dear sirs i have a small query for u all. before getting into the queries i will breifly describe the problem this is related to the quadratic resistance co-efficient in a air filter for pressure drop calculation. here in this problem,we have a 3 domains inlet where we supply the mass flow rate outlet where we apply the avg static pressure BC filter where we supply the value of the K (quadratic resistance co-efficient)

my queries are 1. does k for the filter remain constant irrespective of the velocty value at the inlet to the filter.i have gone through the text in cfx help regarding this and found that it does vary with inlet velocity.ur comments on that sir.please see the attachment 2. please send it across,if u have any formula related to k for 3d flow.

with regards praveen rajaperumal cadem,tecumseh,hyd,india

Glenn Horrocks May 16, 2004 18:30

Re: quadratic resistance co-efficient
Hi Praveen,

k is by definition a constant in this model. The documentation discusses momentum sources/sinks. The pressure loss will vary (obviously) but k will be constant.

Regards, Glenn

Phil May 18, 2004 17:16

Re: quadratic resistance co-efficient
Small clarification... k can also be set as a CEL expression.

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