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Atit May 17, 2004 12:23

CFX-Post can't read .gtm file
I use CFX 5.6 on Windows2000. Today I found the problem that CFX-Post can't read GTM file. After complete all forms in Build I do as many times I do before use GTM file, I select "Start CFX-Post with GTM file". And I got the dialog box named "Program Error", it say that "gtmconvert.exe has generated errors and will be closed by Windows. You will need to restart the program". and also the dialog box say "Unable to load file: C:/CFX/work9APR04/similarity/Prototype/NoMC.gtm The only file types which CFX-Post can currently read are:

1) Definition and Results files from CFX-5.4 or later

2) CFX-5 GTM files

3) FCX-4 Dump files

4) CFX-TASCflow files (must have grd/rso, bcf and prm files)."

I try to open other GTM files that I have ever used successfully. They all can't read by Post. Do anyone know what the problem is? How to fix this? and what is "gtmconvert.exe"? I found the first error message sometimes when CFX-Solver got the problem.

Thank you very much.


Jeff May 23, 2004 00:36

Re: CFX-Post can't read .gtm file
This should work. I've done it on XP.

However, import the mesh into CFX-Pre and give it a very simple command setup, then save the .def file. CFX-Post should read this ok.

Look at the command line options for gtmconvert.exe by typing gtmconvert -h. You should be able to convert the .gtm to a .def directly on the command line without having to go through CFX-Pre.


Dan May 24, 2004 23:39

Re: CFX-Post can't read .gtm file

As Jeff had suggested, you can convert a .gtm file into a raw .def file without any physics setup through the command line of CFX-5.

cfx5gtmconv body1.gtm body1post.def

you may then open body1post.def in post for assessing your mesh.

for more options, "cfx5gtmconv -help"

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