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David May 21, 2004 12:25

Gambit->CFX 5.5
I make a structured mesh model in Gambit, and the total mesh cells reach 2 million. When I export it as ANSYS format into CFX 5.5 build, a error occurs. I guess the problem would be the model is too large to beyond the limit of CFX build, for smaller mesh model is OK. Is there any better way for exporting mesh from Gambit to CFX? thanks.

Jeff May 23, 2004 00:21

Re: Gambit->CFX 5.5
CGNS straight into CFX-Pre? You might have to wait a couple weeks for 5.7. Haven't tried this myself.


Derrek May 23, 2004 22:15

Re: Gambit->CFX 5.5
Size shouldn't be an issue. I agree with Jeff, look to get 5.7. If you have a maintained license, you can download 5.7 right now.



test May 24, 2004 00:37

Re: Gambit->CFX 5.5
Hi, There is an un-official way out... Go to T-grid and export the mesh in "Neutral" format. You can import the mesh in neutral format into pre. You neednot go to build/ansys for this. Note that there is a bug in gambit, so if u export the file in neutral format from Gambit directly it will not work in pre. You will have to export the mesh from T-Grid only

Hope this helps.

Neale June 22, 2004 00:01

Re: Gambit->CFX 5.5
Except that the neutral file is a text file and this will be massive for a two million node mesh. Imagine the element topology alone...


Sen August 31, 2004 03:55

Re: Gambit->CFX 5.5
How is a Gambit file transferred to CFX for solving

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