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Andrew May 23, 2004 15:40

CPU:Intel 3.0E or 3.0C
Hi, all

I want to buy a PC with Intel CPU 3.0GHZ for CFX modelling in this month. Initially I choose Intel 3.0E because it has 1M cache. But a friend said 3.0 E has big problem in cooling if I want to run the program for a long time...

If anyone is using Intel CPU 3.0 E, could you please give some suggestions? I am also intertested in the comparison between Intel 3.0 E and 3.0 C for CFX cumputation. I may change to 3.0 C if no great difference between the two versions .



Glenn Horrocks May 23, 2004 18:40

Re: CPU:Intel 3.0E or 3.0C
Hi Andrew,

I don't know the difference between the two, except that the larger cache shows some speed increase on the spec website ( I don't know if that maps across to faster CFX runs.

I do know that hyperthreading actually slows CFX runs down. CFX does not support hyperthreading, so if you have a chip with hyperthreading you will run faster if you disable it. (BTW: I understand you can disable it in the bios.)

Regards, Glenn

Andrew May 24, 2004 13:00

Re: CPU:Intel 3.0E or 3.0C

Thanks for sharing your experience!



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