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Anne May 28, 2004 05:22

Petty Question!
Hi All,

Sorry to ask such a petty Q.... In CFX4.4, one could cut and paste list of commands in the 'FC' file. Can one do this with the commands for 'def' in CFX5.6? There is something a wanted to test and cut and paste could be the ideal method for the test.

thanks, Anne

matej May 28, 2004 08:18

Re: Petty Question!
sure you can. first you generate your *.def file in cfx5pre. Then in a command line (sorry don't know how to do it in windows) use cfx5cmds -read -def *.def -text *.ccl (the ccl file must not exist) than you can (ea)silly cut and paste in any text editor of your choice. then you type cfx5cmds -write -def *.def -text *.ccl to write your version back to def file which you can run.

There is also more elegant way: you cut the settings you want to change in propper format to a text file, say "a.ccl". when running cfx5solve, you pass and argument -ccl a.ccl to add this setting to def file.

you'll find more by typing: cfx5solve -help


ps: the cleariest way I've found how to do it is to define the things I want to alter as a CEL functions in expresion language. It's easy to find in a ccl :o)

Anne May 28, 2004 11:36

Re: Petty Question!
Hi Matej,

Thanks for the suggestion. That sounds to me like creating an output file from the 'def'. Suppose I have an out put file that was created from a def file which I do not have, can I work backwards (ie create the def file from out put file?) in the manner you have describe. I am in the process of trying your methods.

kind regards anne

Robin May 28, 2004 16:42

Re: Petty Question!
Hi Anne,

Yes, you can simply cut and paste. However, you do need to ensure you have the correct CCL path. For example, to modify an inlet boundary condition named "Inflow", you would need the apppropriate boundary condition objects with the FLOW and DOMAIN objects. You should see all of this if you simply click on the boundary condition object in the CFX-Pre object editor and choose "Edit in Command Editor".

To paste the object, paste it into the command editor and hit "Process".

If you want to load the entire physics definition from another case, simply go to the file menu, choose to open a CCL file, then change the filter to .cfx, .def or .res file. The physics from the selected file will be loaded without the mesh.

Regards, Robin

Anne May 29, 2004 12:27

Re: Petty Question!
Hi Robin and Matej,

Thanks. May be I need to say this...I work with CFX5.6 on windows 2000 platform. I encountered some problems when i tried the options you prescribed. No physics was loaded. I did this in Preprocess window:>File>Open Simulation> (I never saw Open CCL,did you mean import ccl?).. then tried to open a ccl file loading it as 'def'/'res'/cfx. There was an error message, the information on the interfaces could not be loaded. Is there an option of "opening xx.ccl file" in Preprocess?

..."Paste into the command editor and hit process". Sorry, i do not understand this. Do you mean the command editor that you obtain from the main window--->Tools--->Command line-->edit? I am unable to cut and paste my xx.CCL file into this editor.

I saved the output file as 'xx.ccl' to obtain my xx.ccl file that i tried to load in the preprocess, I am not sure whether this is correct!

Thanks for your time. Kind regards, Anne

matej May 31, 2004 08:39

Re: Petty Question!
Hi Anne,

you can paste your ccl commands into the cfx5pre into the command editor, which you find under the icon which looks like this:">_". cut and paste should work. sorry - I've got no windows experience.

You can also import the ccl (that is what probably Robin ment) with Import CCL file. However you cannot import the whole ccl into the empty pre, where you have no geometry loaded. Everytime the ccl commands the pre to presribe for example BC to nonexisting object, it will fail to load.Firs you must have some mesh loaded.

What you have to do is (1) if you geometry is the same - load it first to pre and then import the CCL, or (2) if there is something in CCL making problems, load only the other parts of CCL.

CCL is setting only physics and BC. it must be applied to some mesh in pre.

hope this helps, hope I'm not telling any nonseses. Robin please correct me.


Anne June 3, 2004 03:38

Re: Petty Question!
Hi Matej,

Many thanks for your time and interest in my posting. I have now found a solution to my problem thro an alternative route.

regards anne

Robin June 7, 2004 09:56

Re: Petty Question!
Hi Anne,

The error you encountered when loading the CCL without a mesh was a bug in CFX-5.6 and has been fixed in CFX-5.7.


Anne June 7, 2004 10:00

Re: thanks
Thanks Robin for the info.

regards anne

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