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Enoch Curtis May 30, 2004 13:32

Sliding Vane pump-motor
Which, if any, versions of CFX will handle the anaylsis of sliding vane pump-motor geometry?

Glenn Horrocks May 30, 2004 18:26

Re: Sliding Vane pump-motor
Hi Enoch,

You should be able to do this with either CFX4 or 5. If you choose CFX5 (and I recommend you do) you will need the moving mesh capabilities in the latest release, CFX 5.7.

Regards, Glenn

Enoch Curtis June 2, 2004 12:34

Re: Sliding Vane pump-motor
Thanks for the reply, Glenn. I am however a bit puzzled; how could CFX4 do the analysis if if needs the moving mesh capability of 5.7?

Glenn Horrocks June 2, 2004 18:29

Re: Sliding Vane pump-motor
Hi Enoch,

CFX4 has a moving mesh capability also. It is done in user fortran.


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