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Cesare Ghermandi June 8, 2004 06:20

helicopter rotor blade simulation
Hi everybody. I'm trying to simulate a flow over a rotor blade. My mesh is composed by three volumes: one is stationary and represent the whole domain and two are rotating with the blade. Interfaces are defined between the volumes, since the mesh are different. The cfx assistance wrote me to define the two rotating volumes as one when I set up the boundary conditions in cfxpre, but when I try to run my case the following error appear (this error do not appear defining 3 different volumes in cfxPre; the the solver goes to the end but not in a correct way):

Slave: 2 Slave: 2 error detected by routine MAKDAT Slave: 2 illegal data area length CDANAM = LCON CDTYPE = INTR SIZE = 0 Slave: 2 CRESLT = SIZE ------------------------------------------------- parallel run received message from slave

Slave partition: 2 Slave routine: ErrAction Master Location: RCUBUF, MSGTAG=1032

I'm using a local parallel computer with 2 processor. I don't really know how to going on and I would really appreciate any help Many thanks to everybody Cesare

Glenn Horrocks June 8, 2004 19:27

Re: helicopter rotor blade simulation
Hi Cesare,

I recommend debugging your run using a single processor run (ie a serial run). Only use the multi-processor option when the run starts up OK as single processor and you are ready to go for the final run.

I have no idea what is actually wrong with your run at this stage, but the first step is to do the debugging on a serial run.


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