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Anne June 8, 2004 07:56

Monitoring User Points
Hi All,

I want to monitor (in CFX5.6 Solver Manager) concentration of a given species in my domain at a given point. It is a long simulation, I have done only 8 days and 10 more to go. Initially I made a mistake by selecting a wrong variable (absolute pressure) this resulted in the solver manager giving me a "User point" window with a very large scale such that the change in a parameter of interst is now negligible. Even after correcting this, starting again (with the final result file), the scale still stares at me very rudly.

Is there a way i can manually set this range, say 0-0.5 instead of the present -20 to 160?

Thanks for your time


Glenn Horrocks June 8, 2004 19:23

Re: Monitoring User Points
Hi Anne,

In solver manager, right click on the chart and select Monitor Properties, then range settings. You can have a number of options of how to specify the chart ranges, including setting fixed values such as you request. You can also export the chart data so you can look at it in Excel, Tecplot or whatever other package you want to use to analyse your data.


Anne June 9, 2004 06:51

Re: You gave it all!
Hi Glenn, Thanks, you gave me all I needed. Thanks.


Robin June 9, 2004 20:26

Re: You gave it all!
Hi Anne,

You can also create new monitor plots and include only the variables you are interested in.

Regards, Robin

Anne June 10, 2004 11:56

Re: You gave it all!
Hi Robin,

Now I have done this too.


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