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Jennifer Haque June 8, 2004 12:19

Dear CFX Users,

I am trying to create inflation on a geometry which is in mesh mode. It seems fine when using 'generate mesh'.The problem I am experiencing is that I set inflation on walls and it registers that inflation has been created. However, when I look at the volume mesh in post, there is no inflation on walls. Has anyone experienced this kind of problem before? Does anyone have any suggestions to why this maybe happening?

Look foward to hearing from you.

Regards Jennifer

deLuther June 9, 2004 02:25

Re: inflation
Hi Jennifer, As I remember there is switch in CFX-Build to suppress output(and generation) of inflation... But I have used CFX-Build for a very short period of time.

Jeff June 9, 2004 19:55

Re: inflation

There are two settings:

You need to SET the default inflation parameters, specifying the number of layers, expansion ratio, etc.

You also need to CREATE inflations on specific surfaces or boundary conditions.

If you've done both of these, and selected all of the boundaries to be inflated, the inflation will be completely internal and you won't be able to see it without taking a slice through the model and showing the grid projection on that plane. (Toggle surfaces off, and lines on)


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