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Meri June 9, 2004 12:48

Expression Editor
Hello, Perhaps some one can help me. I am trying to use the expression editor in CFX5.6 Pre, I am creating an inlet velocity profile off a wind tunnel test. The velocity is of the form : vel=a+by+by^2+cy^3 ....+ where a,b and c are constants and y is the width of the domain at inlet. I created the expression as above and gave the max value of y, expecting interpolation between,to my surprise I got an error message when I sought to plot it and a single value when I evaluate it. What am I doing wrong here ?

Satish Perivilli June 9, 2004 16:35

Re: Expression Editor

The expression should be

vel = a + b*y + b*y^2+c*y^3+....

and make sure you select y from variables available by right clicking in the edit window of the expression editor.

Hope this works Satish Perivilli

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