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Satish Perivilli June 9, 2004 16:33

meshing errors
Hi all

I frequently encounter the following meshing error, a fatal one, after which the meshing doesnt proceed with CFX-Build.

"An edge only points at an incident face".

I have tried various methods to overcome this but of no avail. Is there a method by which this sort of an error can be eliminated? If so please let me know, either by an email or by replying here.

Thanks to you all

Satish Perivilli

Helper June 14, 2004 11:40

Re: meshing errors
If a geometry is topologically correct, each edge in a geometry should be associated with two surfaces. The error message you have tells you that there appear to be two edges between two surfaces and each only point at one surface. This is usually caused by an incorrect tolerance being used, if the tolerance is too small the it is more likely that upon creation two "coincident" edges are separated, but when the BRep solid is created a different tolerance is used. I suggest you disassemble your solid, increase the global model tolerance and try to recreate the solid. If you fail to create the solid, then use the Sew operation to stitch together the geometry.

Satish Perivilli June 14, 2004 13:12

Re: meshing errors
Hi Helper

Thank you very much.

Satish Perivilli

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