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Dadang June 10, 2004 07:10

Multiphase Problem (Urgent)
Dear all,

I have a problem with multiphase fluid, i want to analize 2 fluid on ship.i use thin surface between 2 fluid, but i can't mesh the model and i can't run definition file.i need all information about that problem,

thanks all

Anne June 10, 2004 11:06

Re: Multiphase Problem (Urgent)
Hi dadang,

What is the physical desciption of the location of the two fluids? Thin surface, i assume, is a wall. Do you mean a wal between two fluid, not a free surface? From the little information you have provided, one is likely to think of a homogeneous multiphase flow.

However, when you talk of a ship, i am tempted to think of a flow around a blunt body (Tut5 CFX5.6). If this is the case then from your post is hard for me to understand why the thin surface! Are you simulating air in the ship and the water surrounding it?

regards anne

adio June 10, 2004 22:41

Re: Multiphase Problem (Urgent)
hi Anee, may be i'll discprite about dadangs problem dadang, the thin surface is a wall which separate two fluids in operational ship there are two fluids(water and air) flow around hull so he is simulating air and water surrounding the ship. thanks

dadang June 17, 2004 04:17

Re: Multiphase Problem (Urgent)
thank for your attention yes, i want to simulate ship at real condition at sea,i want to calculate the resistance air and water surounding the ship.i need more information about that thanks again ragards dadang

Anne June 21, 2004 07:46

Re: Multiphase Problem (Urgent)

Now i understand it this way; the lower part of the ship is covered by fluid A (water) the upper part of the ship is covered by fluid B (air). There is an interface between the two, where air and water meet. I have been thinking about that problem but I must confess that I do not, as yet, have a suggestion worth posting. The problem seems tricky because you must have two separate fluids and;

(1)No (negligible) interpenetration between A and B, therefore, no Euler-Euler scheme (2)Different flow fields, therefore, no multicomponent model ( I think, i may be corrected).

Please try help desk, you might have done this already! Best of luck.

regards anne

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