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Meri June 21, 2004 05:39

Error Starting CFXbuild
Hello, Has any one ever received this error message before ? I am running cfx5build on a linux 7.3 machine, everything was working great until now, I can't get build started, every time I tried , I get this error message /home/Ems/CFX56/support/2000lr2/linux/bin/cfx5build5 was interrupted by signal SEGV(11)

sola June 21, 2004 14:25

Re: Error Starting CFXbuild
SEGV is normally associated with memory, it appears (my hunch) that CFX5Build is attempting to access part of your memory that is not allowed, check your computer again, perhaps rearrange the memory.

matej June 22, 2004 02:48

Re: Error Starting CFXbuild

I had similar funny problems with CFX 5.7. SEGV(11) is really a memory problem. But it can be also software allocating not the just right peaces of memory. My guess would be - have you changed windows manager recently? have you updated graphic card driver? X libraries or something similar?

What about OpenGL mesa libraries?

I'd see problem somewhere near answers on these questions.


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