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Michael Bo June 30, 2004 05:12

height of water level in two-phase flows?
I'm trying to set up a two-phase calculation using CFX-5.7. The two fluids are water and air with air being the continuous phase. I need to use a somewhat different boundary condition for the water at the bottom of my model. I have a special device placed on a horizontal plate where the water runs out. The amount of water flow in this particular device depends on the height of the water level.( m_dot = f(Water height) ) How do I set up a boundary condition in PRE using CCL(?) that takes that into account? I have the required function for the special device from earlier experimental work.

Kind regards. Michael Bo

Michael Bo July 29, 2004 09:23

Re: height of water level in two-phase flows?

tuks August 23, 2004 01:50

Re: height of water level in two-phase flows?
I have also faced some problems in sloving such free surface flow, you can define outlet boundary condition interms of pressure equation stating effect of static head of water over the outlet. Expression should include term density*g*(H-y). H is height of free surface(water head) and y distance along vartical direction. Define Reference pressure 0 Pa to include static head effect in P calculations and define bouncy -g in y direction. Also think about pressure reference co-ordinates.

Best luck

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