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pi July 1, 2004 13:53

disappointing 5.7
Hello, IŽd like to seed a bit of controversy. Anyone, besides myself, thinks that the 5.7 version comes with even more bugs that the older 5.6? The release notes are almost as long as the manuals. A list with the problems that I had to import several 5.6 definition files would be endless. In addition, now you have to pay for the DES beta feature in 5.6. And more...

Anyone has remembered now that lengthly posting, one year ago, about the integration Ansys-CFX? Do we have begin to see the teeth to the fierce?

kind regards


deLuther July 2, 2004 02:47

Re: disappointing 5.7
But Post and Pre from CFX-5.7 is far more stable than in version 5.6. Albeit some problems that runs well in CFX-5.6 (in parallel mode) crashed in current version(also in parallel). But I think that 5.7 is step forward. Unlike ICEM 5.0 - step forward and two steps back. New GUI of ICEM simply does not have many critical commands.

derrek July 3, 2004 10:18

Re: disappointing 5.7
Just curious, what commands fo you find missing?


deLuther July 5, 2004 05:56

Re: disappointing 5.7
Up to now I can`t find uncouple... In this case refinement seems to be little useless...(for some codes). And I can`t find Update Worst Block. Other commands I finally found. (In unusual places)

Glenn Horrocks July 5, 2004 18:43

Re: disappointing 5.7
Hi all,

There has just been released a service pack for CFX 5.7 which addresses some of the bugs and annoyances with the original release version of CFX 5.7. You can download it from the CFX Community site. Let us know what you think after you install it.


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