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pi July 2, 2004 08:03

Error in subroutine FNDVAR
Hi there, does anyone knows how to fix this error or what it refers to? There is a similar post from one month ago with no answer. Is it possible in this meanwhile anyone has solved it?

Error in subroutine FNDVAR : Error finding variable SABSOR_BN1_FL1 GETVAR originally called by subroutine CAL_TWALL_IP

+--------------------------------------------------------------------+ | ERROR #001100279 has occurred in subroutine ErrAction. | | Message: | | Stopped in routine GV_ERROR | | | | | | | | | | | +---------------------------


Thanks for your help


Juan Carlos July 2, 2004 14:40

Re: Error in subroutine FNDVAR
Hello Pi,

From the message I can tell you are running Multiband Radiation. It also seems you are using Monte Carlo between two domains like through a Fluid Solid domain interface. Is my guess correct? Then,

1 - Are you using Iteration Interval greater than 1?

2 - Is the spectral model set as multiband on both sides of the domain interface?

I would look for a setup error.

Have you contacted CFX support already? They are the ones who can help you.. Besides you got support in contract, right?

Juan Carlos

pi July 2, 2004 15:29

Re: Error in subroutine FNDVAR
Hi Juan Carlos, yes for your first guess, two bands model. No for the second one, it is MC but there is no interfaces. Only one domain. Iteration interval is 5. The other message I referred wasn't mine, but the problem was similar. I have just installed the 5.7 version and I got some problems trying to fit my old settings in 5.6 to run them in 5.7. The mentioned problem didn't show in 5.6 for example and it run "fine". Well, it finished but the solver didn't deal well with directional sources and the results were non physical. Now, in 5.7 it looks that the directionality problem has been solved but are new related bugs. I have gathered in two days a list of five bugs (some of them are in the release notes) to call to my representative. I am not very happy with the 5.7. It runs a bit faster and some important additional features has been added but...

thanks Juan


Juan Carlos July 2, 2004 18:07

Re: Error in subroutine FNDVAR
Hi Pi,

Have you already requested a modified solver (patched) for the multiband bug as reported in the release notes? Otherwise, the run will not finish properly.

Meantime, I would run with Iteration Interval set to 1, and create manual backup files (press backup in the solver manager) before the end of the run.

Contact your CFX customer support desk, and request a patched solver executable for your platform of interest or wait until the patch is announced.

Juan Carlos

PS. Were you running the 5.6 patched version when you noticed the directional radiation source errors?

pi July 5, 2004 12:52

Re: Error in subroutine FNDVAR
Hi Juan Carlos,

I didn't ask for the patch yet but I had it in 5.6 (I think that was from July 2003. I don't know if there was more later this date). I'll keep on the track and let you know any progress. Thanks


Glenn Horrocks July 5, 2004 18:41

Re: Error in subroutine FNDVAR
Hi all,

There has just been a service pack released for CFX 5.7 which includes many of the radiation models you are discussing. Have a look on the CFX Community site. Let us know whether that helps your problem.


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